Shoe Haul!

Nothing is funner than filling your closet with new foot gear. ;)

My first pair of TOMS! Oh, how I've coveted you so! After months of eyeing these bad boys, I finally mustered the courage to rock glitter shoes. Now I can blend in with little 3-year-old girls?? 

Miss Me Sandals, Heavenly Couture, $15
Elastic. Comfy. A must-have.

I love the braided strap that goes across the foot! It's effortlessly boho chic. I love wearing these with a maxi dress or pairing them with a tan colored belt to tie the whole outfit together. 

I'm usually scared of gladiators, as they have too many straps that end up just looking disgusting. Don't they? It's like... I get it. You really like straps. However, these weren't too over the top and are so cute when worn with short summer dresses and accessories!

I could run a mile in these. Too bad I don't run. 
But seriously, how cute is the crochet detailing? These were made for summer!

I've been on the hunt for nude pumps and I just couldn't pass them up at discount price!
Do I neeeeed them? No. 
Do I have any outfits in mind for them? No. 
Do I even wear patent? No.
So why did I purchase them??? I don't know!! They're just too pretty! >___<

I would feel guilty, except I don't splurge on shoes too often. I am usually running out the door wearing my Rainbows during the summer and Uggs during the winter. So boring! But not anymore!!!
(at least until it gets chilly and my Uggs>>>>all)


  1. congrats on your first TOMS purchase! :D i was so excited to wear my TOMS to work~ one of students asked me if i was wearing grandma shoes :*(

    btw. i love all your shoes finds. :) cute cute cute.

  2. they're doing The Row X Toms collab! Immm gonaa get ssssomeeee

  3. my goodness, where are you getting all this $$$$ from???

  4. Jo-Ice, just wait she has MORE shoes to post from her splurging this past weekend....