I was just browsing through Target when I ran across these Merona watches. I had to do a double take (and take pictures with my phone haha)! I really couldn't believe my eyes. Total Michael Kors knockoffs, right??? And I know my MK! But don't get me wrong, ain't nothin' wrong with it. It's just weird to see how similar they are. I guess you know where to go if you're looking for an affordable version of these watches! 

$225 vs $14.99

$225 vs. $14.99

I didn't see this watch in the store, but here's another copy I found on Target's site: 

$195 vs. $24.99

 How do you guys feel about knockoffs? :X


Robin Egg Blue

Ever since I saw this new display of cute colors from Wet n Wild, I've been meaning to pick up "I Need A Refresh-Mint." My "For Audrey" by China Glaze has been drying out and I thought this might be a good replacement. Don't you love colors like this? It reminds me of the color, Robin Egg Blue, by Crayola. I still remember when the color made it's "debut" in one of my new crayon boxes!!! :) 

If you see on the top of each bottle, theres a sticker that displays their new "ManiCurve Pro Brush." It's a wide paddle brush with curved edges, similar to Rimmel polishes. 

Unfortunately, my brush was not cut in a curve, but with extremely jagged edges that made it difficult to paint by my cuticles. The formula was super streaky in one coat, too. 

After 2.5 coats, I got a creamy application of the polish. I really hate the brush, but the staying power is pretty good. I've been wearing it for the past 6 days with barely any chipping. 

I also picked up OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go ($8). I have some pretty nasty cuticles and thought this might do me some good. All it took was the red "Allure Winner" sticker  to convince me!

Fits in the palm of my hand. 

Gently squeeze the tube and some gel will come out. It's kind of like those click glosses or concealers. It says its cuticle oil, but it feels like oily gel. It blends in really nicely and doesn't leave a greasy residue. It surprisingly has a really nice scent, too! Reminds me of apples and pears.  

^Nasty cuticles. 

^Nasty cuticles + Avoplex gel 

Ta-da!!! (excuse the nasty polish job) 

Overall, the polish is decent for the price, but the brush really sucks. I do recommend Avoplex if you come across it!

I didn't realize it matches my phone case! I must really like this color! :) 

April Glam Bag: Girl's Night Out

This month's Glam Bag wasn't very exciting, but it wasn't terrible either. I admit I will probably find use for all of these products at one point, but I still wish there was more! I would think they would include a really fun eyeshadow shade to go with the brush or a really fun nail polish color to go with the GNO theme. Nothing about this really screams, "GNO." I have yet to be overwhelmed by any of these sample box services. BirchBox proved to be a major FAIL and Glam Bag isn't too far behind. I think I'll give this service just one more chance!

The contents: All-Belle Natural Soft Comfort faux lashes, Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Ransom, My Glam brushes, & DermStore Lip Quench lip treatment  

These look pretty fake in Andrea's Choice and Miss Jessica Harlow's videos featuring these products. 

Small angled brush & all-over eyeshadow brush. 
These are pretty essential brushes, but how many does one really need? I def don't need any more. 

This is the only product I enjoyed this month. Although the texture is super hard (I have to squeeze with two hands to get the product out), it really moisturizes my lips without making them feel tacky. There's a slight shimmer, but nothing too obvious or glossy. My nose tells me it smells like grapefruit and papaya. I've been using it all week as a substitute for my other chapstick, and it's been doing a good job. Haven't noticed it drying out my lips over time or anything.

What'd you guys think of this month's bag? Do you recommend any other monthly services? 

time for a new watch :)

After working at MK, I feel like no outfit is complete without a watch! Can't help it, I've been brainwashed by their marketing. I've been eyeing these two new styles lately... SO CUTE!! I'm definitely going to save up and pay my old friends a visit. :)

What accessory "completes" your look?


Flower Power

Why do I always miss my chance to get the "Forever Audrey" earrings by Jewel Mint?!?? I always check their site after they're sold out. -_-

Does anyone else see the uncanny resemblance with CZ's "Marquessa" earrings? Wonder which came first... Hmmm...

I know how the "Forever Audreys" look because everyone on Youtube flaunts them in my face. I've never seen the "Marquessas" in person, but I think they look too thin and pretty. I don't know!
Which do you guys prefer?

my love is your love

I'm pretty late on this one, but man do I love Pentatonix!
I had no idea who they were two weeks ago until my cousin found their rendition of "You Da One" by Rihanna on Youtube. It wasn't long until I found out they were the winners of "The Voice." Can you believe 3 of them are 19 years old and best friends? If you love a cappella groups, you'll have fun watching these clips! :) And you if you don't already jam to these songs... you need to get on it!!

Florence and the Machine - Dog Days Are Over

Rihanna - You Da One <3 


Final Testing of Gel Liners

If you recall my previous post on testing gel liners, I swatched a few popular brands to compare quality and longevity of the product. Below are initial swatches of Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Tarte, and YSL from left to right.

Tarte's EmphasEYES Clay liner ended up winning! This retails for $22 and comes with a brush. One end is fine tipped and the other is meant for smudging. 


Then with my recent MAC haul, I was finally able to compare Tarte and MAC's Fluidline Blacktrack. The differences are that Blacktrack is $15, 0.02oz larger, and does not come with a brush. I wish I had swatched the two before I purchased Blacktrack! Tarte is definitely the underdog with longer wear, smoother application, and opaque (a true true black) with less layers! 

 Tarte on top, MAC on bottom. Tarte is clearly darker and dries to a matte finish. I built the opacity in 1.5 coats, whereas MAC took over 2. 

I have now completed testing all the high end brands I've been curious about. I have also used Wet N Wild and Elf's liners, but they always dry out so quickly on me and definitely do not apply as smooth as the high end brands. Tarte's EmphasEYES is the blackest and longest wearing liner I have come across and highly recommend it! If you're in the market for a new liner, check this out because it will not disappoint!!



One of my boyfriend's friends began working for MAC's corporate office in NYC and generously offered to hook me up with his FAT (I'm talkin' over 50% fat) discount. It was music to my ears. I had to restrain myself from ordering the entire line and just stuck to "essentials" I've been eyeing for the past year. I forgave my bf for leaving me during my spring break to go on a trip to NY in exchange for makeup. :P 

239 Eye Shader & 266 Small Angled Brush 
I just had to have these brushes because the Pixiwoo sisters use them without fail in every tutorial. The 266 is so precise! My brows have never looked so clean. 

left right, top to bottom: Well Dressed, Melba, Harmony Blush
Rubenesque Paint Pot, Fluidline Blacktrack
Of the 3 blushes, I wanted Melba the most. I normally lean towards peachy-toned blushes and love the matte finish. Well Dressed and Harmony only made it due to curiosity because they are considered cult favorites. I was pleasantly surprised with the satin sheen from Well Dressed and that it looked okay on my skin tone. I never felt like pink would "work" on me. Exposed was much darker than I expected. I have never owned a MAC blush and did not know how pigmented are! Rubenesque feels rather greasy! It does last all day without creasing, but I don't like how it feels when I dip my finger in the pot. I love the golden peachy tone, but it still can't replace my love for Benefit's Birthday Suit. I didn't necessarily need Blacktrack after purchasing Tarte's gel liner, but it was too late to cancel my order. It builds to an opaque matte finish, but it does take several layers. I will do a post comparing swatches soon! 

Top to bottom: Well Dressed, Melba, Exposed, Rubenesque 

If that wasn't already enough to get me through the year, MAC released their Spring collections yesterday! My sister and I were highly anticipating blushes from Tres Cheek, highlighters from In Extra Dimension, and lipsticks from Reel Sexy. We normally don't join in on the hype for limited editions, but this case was different! MAC is releasing their new liquid to powder formula, and since Estee Lauder produces MAC... we knew it was going to be big. What piqued our interest was the release of their highlighter in Superb. We missed our chance to get Laura Mercier's Rose Rendezvous, Estee Lauder's Modern Mercury, and Guerlain's Cruel Gardenia, and apparently this was the next best thing. Check out this amazinggggg post by Bloomin' Beauty Blog comparing swatches.
After swatching all the new products, I only ended up leaving with Superb & Modern Mandarin. I really enjoyed EVERY single blush from the Tres Cheek collection, but I really couldn't justify getting any more MAC products. >_< Superb is obviously a rosy peach highlighter. It doesn't feel as creamy and cool to the touch as Estee Lauder's highlighters do, but it will do! I originally wanted Immortal Flower when looking at online swatches, but I fell for the satin finish of Modern Mandarin. I can't wait to wear it this spring and summer!

L-R: Modern Mandarin from Tres Cheek & Superb from In Extra Dimension

What would your list at MAC look like if you had a discount?
What are your thoughts on the new MAC releases? Have you picked anything up?? 

Hope everyone enjoys their Good Friday and has a blessed Easter Sunday! )