my favorite princess and her dress put into a cake! i love!!!!! 

 i want all of this... but not in cake form, please ;)


Shoe Haul!

Nothing is funner than filling your closet with new foot gear. ;)

My first pair of TOMS! Oh, how I've coveted you so! After months of eyeing these bad boys, I finally mustered the courage to rock glitter shoes. Now I can blend in with little 3-year-old girls?? 

Miss Me Sandals, Heavenly Couture, $15
Elastic. Comfy. A must-have.

I love the braided strap that goes across the foot! It's effortlessly boho chic. I love wearing these with a maxi dress or pairing them with a tan colored belt to tie the whole outfit together. 

I'm usually scared of gladiators, as they have too many straps that end up just looking disgusting. Don't they? It's like... I get it. You really like straps. However, these weren't too over the top and are so cute when worn with short summer dresses and accessories!

I could run a mile in these. Too bad I don't run. 
But seriously, how cute is the crochet detailing? These were made for summer!

I've been on the hunt for nude pumps and I just couldn't pass them up at discount price!
Do I neeeeed them? No. 
Do I have any outfits in mind for them? No. 
Do I even wear patent? No.
So why did I purchase them??? I don't know!! They're just too pretty! >___<

I would feel guilty, except I don't splurge on shoes too often. I am usually running out the door wearing my Rainbows during the summer and Uggs during the winter. So boring! But not anymore!!!
(at least until it gets chilly and my Uggs>>>>all)



soooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!! omg i was literally sucking in air when my eyes fell upon these babies!

i then went on to gasp some more as i searched for cross necklaces on Etsy.
Theresa Mink created the PERFECT cheap version of the real sideways cross necklace seen on the obnoxious Taylor Jacobson. i've been lusting after this bad boy, but have never come across anything this affordable. 
i love it! so dainty, subtle, and chic!!! 

all you need to complete the look is a classy outfit with a spritz of Viva La Juicy. 
i call this---> perfection. 
too bad i own none of the above. hah!


Beauty Haul!

Got two shipments in the mail today! They were long awaited, but I have to admit I was quite underwhelmed by both packages. Here's what I got:

Birchbox + Cynthia Rowley Collaboration
For those of you who haven't heard of Birchbox, you definitely have got to check it out!  
It's a monthly subscription to receive a box full of 4-5 luxe beauty samples of the latest or hottest products for only $10. I figured it's worth a try since I love getting my hands on new products. I want to kick myself in the gut for missing last month's box, which can be seen here. A full size of Laura Gellar's Baked Blush!!! I am full of regret not signing up sooner!!

How cute is this packaging? I love the Cynthia Rowley imprint on the outer wrapping. This month was a special collaboration where Cynthia chose her favorite products. However, the inside was MEH! Here's a closer look:

Ahava Mineral Hand Cream - A great brand known for their use of Dead Sea minerals. So well known that I already have tried this. It was the #1 hand lotion I used to sell at the beauty supply store I worked at in college. I'm not disappointed by the product, it's just nothing new to me. I guess it's useful to throw into my purse since it is an amazing lotion. :)
Philosophy Purity Cleanser - I already currently use this right now. It's a gentle and milky cleanser that is supposed to be a one-step miracle. People swear by this stuff. I suppose it works well, but since I use nothing but waterproof makeup for my asian eyes it's not strong enough to get it all out. I need to use a few other makeup removers to fully do the job. This product also only works well if you use a generous amount, and for $32 a pop, I'd rather pass and find a cheaper alternative. 
Redken Shine Flash 02 - This is a decently sized sample at 2.1 oz. Its claim is to give hair shine without any weight and is used on all of Cynthia's runway shows. The aerosol spray seems like it will deliver as promised and scent is quite nice. Not as yummy as Frederic Fekkai's Shine Mist, but I am definitely excited to try it out!
Zoya Touch Collection Nail Polish in Shay - I haven't swatched this polish just yet, but it does seem to have a slight metallic sheen. Seems pretty, especially since I've been wearing nude Chanel polishes for the past few months without any shine. It's time to switch it up!
Kind Almond & Apricot Bar - RANDOM. I would much rather have something else from the July collection. -_- Speaking of... look at what else was in the July Box! Pressed mineral foundation! Korres showergel! Ybf eyebrow pencil! Why didn't I get any of those??? Bummmmerrrrrrrr.

Overall, the experience was really exciting! I like the idea of getting samples of things I would have never imagined getting on my own. It's so fun opening it... almost like getting a birthday present. :) I will forgive this month's box since it was curated by a designer's favorites instead of its regular curation of new products on the market. Can't wait for next month!! 

Now here's my other package ordered from Gilt Groupe. This is a site where you have access to high end products from jewelry, shoes, clothes, makeup, furniture, to even vacations! Check it out here to sign up! It's free... and really just a daily addiction to look at. Onto my shipment!

Clarins Pampering Treasures for Face and Body
What a gorgeous bag! It is definitely going to get a lot of usage from me!

Surprise! It has an extra two pockets that can serve as brush holders or for any other things you want to keep separate. I likey~

The face and body essentials (from left to right):
Foot Beaty Treatment Cream - A cream for tired feet meant to nourish, smooth, and soften skin. It's rich, yet not oily. I prefer creamier lotions for my feet. 
Moisture-Rich Body Lotion with Shea Butter - One of their most well-known products. I like the satin feel it gives to my skin. It's a pretty good size considering I'm not big on body lotions. I know I won't be getting through it any time soon.
Beauty Flash Balm - The star of this kit. I have been wanting to try this balm after seeing many reviews. It's supposed to be a miracle item that can be used as a primer, mask, or lotion. Its claims are to be the the "ultimate pick-me-up" according to Sephora. It should be used when your skin is feeling fatigued and it will provide instant radiance. We'll see about that!
Hand and Nail Treatment Cream - A lotion that will help with the aging of hands and also strengthen nails. 
HydraQuench Cream - A gel moisturizer that is supposed to provide all-day wear. I suppose it's something like Clinique's Moisture Surge
One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser with Orange Extract - This exfoliator has itty-bitty beads that are infused in the cleanser. I love exfoliators like this! I know that it's not going to buff away a layer of skin that will leave me red and shiny. It is supposed to be gentle enough to wash away makeup too. I don't know if I can trust an exfoliator to be my prime makeup remover, but I will test it out. 

Overall, I am excited to try these products. But honestly... I don't know about the scent! Clarins is known to be an amazing line, but mostly for older women. So am I a sophisticated mama or old lady?!?!? I was feeling a little closer to old lady. I guess my skin will thank me later for taking more preventative measures! I just don't want to be walking around smelling like a granny~ 

Hope you enjoyed! :)


current obsessions

a day with each one of these is a day well lived!
 FTP - Torches Album

Pitbull - Tonight (Give me Everything) Single

almost done with the rollerball. can't get enough of it. must get this in full size! 

swimming with girlfriends and babies


and of course

what about you guys?? :)


wedding jitters

so tomorrow mark's my second wedding gig! how exciting and nervewracking all at the same time.
it's fun being filled in a room full of estrogen and makeup, i cannot deny. i'm nervous this time, though, because i've never done makeup for any of her bridesmaids before. i hope i won't let down! thankfully my awesome friend, the bride, let me practice a bajillion times on her.

but in lieu of tomorrow's festivities, i thought it appropriate to share photos of my first real gig! thanks to my wonderful cousin who gave me all the encouragement and support to use my hobby for her biggest day. you musta been on drugs, gurl!!! and another shoutout to all the wonderful bridesmaids who put their trust in me to do their faces as well... and as we would say, "go-geous!!!"

enjoy!! :)

i look legit HAHA jk

no kimchee breath zone

sexy pose~

finishing touches


so lovely!

so.... when's it my turn? :P