Obsession of the Week

Bath and Body Works candles... how I love you so!
I stepped into the store to kill some time and smell some of their new candles with no intent of purchasing. I ended up walking out with two 3-wick-candles. They were 2 for $20! Half off! I couldn't resist... And I've been really impressed with their tiny 1.6oz sizes. They can scent up my entire room. So... I took the plunge and purchased my first full-sized BBW (14.5 oz) candles. I'm obsessed!

Tiki Beach was what made me fall in the first place. I didn't think much of it at first because of its un-festive-like tan color, but I swooned when my olfactory glands were introduced to this scent.
"Warm as coconut groves and white sand beaches, a delicious blend of toasted coconut, vanilla musk, and tropical island orchids."
Doesn't that sound divine?!????? I don't know if I can give a better description than above, but just think of laying out on the beach with your favorite coconut scented sunblock and pina colada in hand. Have I ever done that? Not really. hahaha! But who needs to when you have this candle? I promise you will feel like you're lounging on the beach with no other worries. Whenever its lit, I feel like I'm back in Cancun with my best friends. The candle has such a warm coconut scent, but with some floral accents. I can't get enough of it!!!!! I was about to walk out with TWO of these candles for $20 until I came across...

Blackberry Grapefruit. 
"Fresh from the orchard, a luscious blend of sun-ripened blackberries and juicy grapefruit with a touch of creamy sandalwood." 
This candle is seriously intoxicating. It's like blackberry pie at a fair meets the woods meets grapefruit. Who would ever think to put these scents together? This candle has been burning nonstop and is getting me in the mood for spring! I feel like I could be prancing around in an orchard one minute and then pulling up to the Orange County Fair the next. I really really love this candle!

I wish there was a scratch-and-sniff option through the internet! I don't know how else to explain these candles other than the fact that they're amazing. I don't regret my impulsive purchase one bit. I really hope you have the opportunity to stop by a Bath and Body Works and smell some of their Spring candles and take advantage of the 2 for $20 deal! Some other scents that were appealing were Mango Cilantro, Market Peach, White Palm, Green Grass, Frosted Cupcake, and Sage Cucumber. I'm kind of tempted to get Mango Cilantro and Sage Cucumber next!

Do you own any of the Spring scents? What are your favorite scents in a candle?


Products I'm Loving

In the midst of all the products I've been testing out, here are some that have proven to outshine all others! Some are used on a daily basis and some are whenever they're needed. Either way, I can't live without them at the moment!  

Pantene Pro-V Beautiful Lengths Breakage Defense Conditioner - This is -hands down- my most favorite conditioner EVER. I first heard about it in a magazine when Gwen Stefani mentioned it because her hair stylist recommended it. It used to be from the Time Defense line before they revamped it into the Beautiful Lengths line. I just love the scent and how it makes my hair so soft and manageable. I feel my hair literally untangling in the shower when I apply it throughout my hair. I only apply it ear-length and down so I don't weigh down my hair. I'm about to go through my fifth tube. I definitely recommend it for any hair type! 

L'oreal Ever Creme Cleansing Conditioner - On days I don't shampoo and condition, I reach for this! This new product comes from the sulfate-free line and claims to cleanse hair with less suds. I haven't ever tried the Wen Hair Care System, but I would think it works along the same lines? It's 25% shampoo and 75% conditioner, producing much less of a lather. Much like Wen (according to their infomercials I watch late at night :P), you have to pump a ton of product onto your hands and work it into your scalp and hair. When you rinse it out, your hair retains the moisture it needs from the conditioner. Sorry for the full-on review, but basically it really conditions my hair. I can't use it every time I shower because my hair gets too moisturized and eventually gets weighed down, but I reallllly enjoy using it between every 1-2 normal shampoo washes. It's an interesting approach to washing my hair and I'm enjoying the novelty of it! 

Moroccan Oil - I love using this with my conditioner in the shower, on damp hair, or on dry hair. Once I get through this little one, I have a full sized bottle waiting in line!

Milani HD Advance Lip Color in Classy Nude - This pen-shaped lipstick is the perfect nude for me. It's super moisturizing and gives a "my lips, but better" effect on me. It's easy with no fuss! 

EOS Lip Balm in Summer Fruit - I wasn't too big of a fan of this balm when I first bought it. There was so much hype around these funny-shaped eggs and was greatly disappointed when I applied it. It felt waxy and thick. However, I think mine had a funny outer layer because I love mine now! I grab for it every morning and night and it makes my lips feel soft and smelly so yummy. 

Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat - My sister was shocked that I didn't own a base coat, so she went out and bought one. To my surprise, it worked wonders (ESPECIALLY on my horrible 2-day wear Chanel polishes) and I became a believer of base coats! I have to use this every time I paint my nails, otherwise the polish always chips within a few days. Try it out if you're looking for a new base coat!

Essie Quick-E Drying Drops - This product cuts the drying time by 80% or something ridiculous like that for me! Before I'd have to wait a painstakingly long time for my base coat, polish, and top coat to dry, but now it only takes seconds for it to dry altogether. I don't have to be careful or scream at people not to touch me anymore! haha 

Garnier BB Cream - Love this still! I am intoxicated by the scent... which I think is their "apricot" scent and is somewhat similar to Bourjois Healthy Mix. It's a great moisturizer and really does even out my skin tone.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - I use this almost every single day I wear makeup... about 99% of the time! It provides me with the matte and full coverage I like and it lasts all day long. I also think I love it because it matches my skin tone perfectly right now.

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder - I've hit pan. Keeps oil at bay. Can't be without it.

NYC Bronzer in Sunny - I use this almost everyday because I don't like the shimmers in my other bronzers. It works with my skin tone and is super cheap. What's not to love?

Eye look: Benefit Creaseless Cream Birthday Suit, WnW Penny, and Milani Baked Eyeshadow Intermix
These are the colors I use when I go to school or run errands. They look subtle while adding some dimension to my eyes. As much as I love all these tones together, Birthday Suit is really the star of the show. There has not been a SINGLE DAY that I have not gone without using Birthday Suit since I got it. I make all my eyeshadows work around this color and can't imagine what I would do if I lost it!

Congratulations if you actually read through all my thoughts!
Have you tried any of these products and how did they work for you?
What products are you loving at the moment?


The Games Have Begun...

"Happy Hunger Games! May the odds be ever in your favor!"

I'm finally going to see the movie tonight... I'm so excited!!! teeeheeee~~~
And to celebrate, I'm swatching 3 polishes from China Glaze's Hunger Games collection called Capitol Colours. There are 12 colors to represent the 12 Districts, which are further explained and swatched on these links:
Geek Alerts
All Lacquered Up

It was a pretty genius collaboration and I feel pretty silly for falling into the hype. :P But I just loved the first book! It's like if Harry Potter came out with a line... I would definitely have to pick some up! hehe
My sister and I saw a new cart at Brea mall selling this collection and had a "buy 3 get 1 free" offer for any OPI and China Glaze polishes. We ended up purchasing Dress Me Up (District 8 - Textiles), Fast Track (District 6 - Transportation), and Stone Cold (District 2 - Masonry). We decided to get our 4th free polish from the OPI Holland collection called I Don't Give A Rotterdam.

China Glaze Fast Track, Dress Me Up, Stone Cold, OPI I Don't Give A Rotterdam! 

Fast Track caught my eye when swatches first came out. I love how soft the gold flecks look in the tan polish. I have a weak spot for nudey-neutrals and I love the gold accent!

Dress Me Up is a creamy dusty rose that makes me feel so girly and classy at the same time. 

Stone Cold dries to an opaque matte finish in one coat. The name is perfect and it really makes me feel like I'd be from this district. 

I Don't Give A Rotterdam was the freebie we received. It applies semi-sheer and has a dusty periwinkle color with gold shimmer. It's so pwweetttyyyy~~

Do you guys own any polishes from the Capitol Colours collection? What colors would you want?
Can't wait to see this movie!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Spring Fling

Sephora+OPI+Betsey Johnson. Need I say more? 
These three have teamed up to bring us adorable sized bottles full of festive colors in cute packaging. I couldn't be any happier! And honestly, who really goes through full-sized bottles anyway? These are the perfect amount for our fleeting tastes! :) 

 XOX Betsey, Alley Cat, Too Too Turq 

 Colors in reverse order 

 Yellow My Name is Betsey, Son of a Gun, Pushing Your Luck

Colors in reverse order

I'm seriously loving these colors!!!! 
XOX Betsey - This nudy gray pink applies with a cream finish in one coat! It has a nice gloss to the formula and seems so easy to wear! I can definitely see use for this polish all year round. 
Alley Cat - This polish looks quite "gelly" when applied. There are tiny, subtle gold particles that are barely visible as well. This is a fun pop of color... especially if you find a matching hot pink lipstick to go with it! 
Too Too Turq - Loving this!! There are tiny iridescent flecks in this creamy formula. It's not a turquoise that is too bright or neon, but has just the right amount of brightness. 
Yellow My Name is Betsey - It's hard to find a yellow that is just right. This tone compliments my skin tone and doesn't look dull or mustardy. 
Son of a Gun - This gunmetal based polish comes off pretty sheer with some silver shimmer. It's not too overbearing in any way and can tone down some bright looks. 
Pushing Your Luck - This red has a "gelly" finish as well. I'm thinking they may look similar to the finish of Chanel's spring polishes? It applies opaque in two coats, yet still looks like gelly. It's a fun take on red nails! 

Overall, this set is definitely filled with colors that can really add some POP to your spring outfits. I think the choice of colors was excellently crafted and can be used for any occasion! I love the variety of choices and that I don't feel burdened with having to use up all 6 bottles. The quality of polishes are also superb. They all apply opaque within one to two coats and do not go on streaky. This mini set retails for $24 at Sephora so go and see them in person if you can!

It's still a bit nippy in Southern California, but it already feels like Spring on my nails! :) 
What are your favorite Spring nail polishes? 

tease no more

After weeks of contemplating, I finally decided to treat myself to Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette. I was so tempted after my friend brought it to our Vegas trip, as I ordered one for my best friend, and when my sister used it for the wedding. I just couldn't resist any longer!! I'm sure the blogging world does not need another post with swatches, so I'll spare those of you who already own it or have seen a million posts on this palette. 


with flash 

I really can't justify owning both the Naked 1 and 2 palette other than the fact that I have a lot of Sephora gift cards to burn through... so I guess I don't feel as guilty. >__<

The only problem is... I just saw a tutorial on The Balm's Nude 'Tude last night by Emily Noel of Beauty Broadcast and got tempted with ANOTHER palette!!! I KNOW I won't be investing in it because I really don't need more eyeshadows, but for those of you who are interested... check this out!

Do any of you own Nude'tude and how do you like it? 
What other neutral palettes are you guys loving? 

Wedding Weekend

My sister and I had a new adventure this weekend as we were asked to do the makeup for her best friend's wedding. We joined forces for the first time and ended up having a blast! We definitely do not claim to be professionals in any way, but I gotta admit... we do have a lot of makeup. :P Here is a list of items that were used on the bridesmaids and bride. Hope you enjoy!

Primer: X Out Shine Control, Benefit Porefessional
Foundation: Chanel Mat Lumiere, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, Dior Diorskin Nude
Bronzer: NYC Sunny, NARS Casino
Blush: NYX Cream Blush Natural, Milani Mai Tai, NARS Orgasm
Highlight: Revlon Mineral Finishing Powder in 01 Brighten, Dior Amber Diamond, Benefit Watts Up
Setting Powder: MAC Blot Powder
Setting Spray: Urban Decay DeSlick

Primer: Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance, Benefit Birthday Suit
Shadows: Too Faced Honeymoon & Ever After, Naked 1 Naked and Virgin, Naked 2 Tease, WnW Nutty
Liner: Tarte EmphasEYEs Clay Liner Black, Loreal Lineur Intense, Dollywink Liquid Liner
Lower lash line: Tarte Rest Assured + Sin, UD 24 Whiskey + Ever After
Lashes: Miscellaneous brands + Duo Lash Glue

Lipstick: Loreal Fairest Nude, Rimmel Moisture Renew Rose Blush
Gloss: Buxom Sugar

Sisters in action



Here are some recent products I've purchased at a really great price! 

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer  & Eye Shadow Insurance Policy Palette 
$12 at Nordstrom Rack
A single tube of Shadow Insurance is normally $18, so this combo was truly a steal. :) 

Full Front, Glamazon, and Socialite are my favorite by far. These 3 shadows are right up my alley, in terms of everyday wear. The other 3 colors are a fun addition since I don't really own anything colorful.


Love how glossy they look outdoors at night! I especially love the lightest color, Glamazon. It's what I wished Naked Palette 1 Sidecar was like! Lots of color payoff without all that glitter fallout!

Another deal that's still going on at Target: 

Full size L'oreal Youth Code Youth Regenerating Day/Night Cream & Cleanser
Right now, Target is selling any of the Youth Code moisturizers for full size and price with a FREE Youth Code Cleanser. It depends on which item you want to buy, but the lotion is $19.99.
I've been meaning to repurchase the Day/Night Cream ever since I used up my last jar, but I've been lazy. I think it's because my skin had become really dry during January-February and had needed something thicker, like Embryolisse. However, it's become too heavy and I needed to go back to my normal routine. When I went into Target, I saw this duo and I knew it was meant to be. I specifically went looking for this moisturizing and a new cleanser. So far, the lotion has been great (duh), but I'm not too sure about the face wash. It's SO FRAGRANT- almost gives me a headache! It does a good job of washing off my makeup, but it's not targeted for blemishes, which is a concern for me. I'll definitely use it up, but I won't be repurchasing. 

Hope someone will take advantage of these deals! :) 


Robert Coin

(cred 1 & 2)

so beautiful *_* 
so expensive @_@
why aren't there cheap cubic alternatives???


viva las vegas

*Planet Hollywood*Cosmopolitan*Marquee*WickedSpoon*TopShop(!!)*

Happy birthday to my 21-year-old cousin and congrats to the future bride-to-be!!!


BB Cream?

Guess what I got today??? :D

Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream in Light/Medium

That's right! This little girl took herself to a CVS after a week of back-to-back midterms and a day of observations at the hospital. (grad school is no fun!) It was time to give myself a treat... especially before my next relentless week begins. I picked up a Milani HD Advanced Lip Color in Classy Nude and a new Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eyeliner Felt Pen as well (Swatches to come! Hope this pen can work as well as my Dollywink!) Anywho, I couldn't wait to to get home and try this BB Cream out. 

First off- it smells amazing! It reminds me of how Korean facial products smell, like from Laneige or AmorePacific. I don't know how else to describe it~ I guess, lightly fragrant? I don't know, but I wanted to keep applying more, especially near my nose. :P 
I also noticed how light the texture was. It was cool on the skin and not dense at all. Most Asian BB creams have a more pasty texture and require more effort to evenly smooth over the skin. This is nothing like a true BB cream. People say Asian BB cream is inbetween foundation and tinted moisturizer. I think this is Garier BB cream is inbetween Asian BB cream and tinted moisturizer, if that makes sense! haha 

As I rubbed it in, it was thin and somewhat watery. Not in a "runny liquid" kind of way, but like a water-based moisturizer. It quickly matched my skin tone and did not leave a gray, pasty film over my skin like Asian creams do. It just felt like a non-greasy daytime moisturizer. 

The finish is sheer, but buildable to "light." I have yellow undertones and it seemed to blend in just fine with my NC25 color. This picture was taken as soon as I blended it in. 

I waited a few minutes to let the product skin in and took a picture with more sunlight. The finish is not dewy, satin, or matte. It's just simply natural tinted moisturizer. Not bad, huh? :) 

The reason why I wanted to get this BB cream is because 1) it's affordable, 2) I want to see American drugstore brands' take on this Asian sensation, and 3) I wanted to compare it to Origins Vitazing. I can already tell its nothing like Vitazing. That moisturizer leaves a really tacky feeling on my skin the second I put it on. I could already feel the oil lining up behind my pores, just waiting to make me look like a greaseball. This one dries like normal moisturizer on my skin. 
I don't know how combination/oily people swear by Vitazing + MAC MSFN... really... I want to know their secret. I've tried it so many times, but it's a disaster waiting to happen because both already make me oily/break out on their own. 

Anyyyyyways! I have already dusted MAC MSFN over half of my face to test it out for the rest of the day. It's already been an hour and my skin is doing well on both sides. In fact, there's no difference at all between the two! 

(BB cream + eyeliner only)

Initial thoughts - BB cream? No. Miracle skin perfector? No. Evens tone? Yes. Hydrates? Yes. 
Though this is not anything like a true Asian cream in texture, it is in theory with all the infused perks of having hydration, color, vitamins, and SPF all in one product. I already like it better than Vitazing and I am obsessed with the scent. The finish is pretty natural. As you can see the in the photos above, 2 layers of the BB cream left me with sheer coverage with evened skin tone + freckles peeking through. I'll keep trying it with MAC MSFN for lazy days and will try it as a basic moisturizer under my foundation on days I want a full face. Will keep you guys posted!