Need a lift?

My sister introduced me to 1) a new blog 2) a new Youtube channel and 3) a new product. 
Before reading any further, please look at Extra Petites blog entry here: Voluminous Puffy Bun!!!! Look look look! 

After watching the video and seeing her pictures, I was convinced I needed this in my life. I have the flattest head ever along with less hair on top. My hair is super poofy ear-length down, but glued to the top of my head ear-length up. Backcombing (teasing) is not a daily option for me as my hair always becomes limp and oily with the use of hairspray. I even bought a root crimper (a tiny flat iron with tiny crimp plates to create volume only at the root) to avoid teasing, but too lazy to do that too!! 

Anyways, I went over to a Japanese market in the Puente Hills mall (across from Ross) and found these bad boys. I also found the infamous velcro strips that keep your bangs/flyaways gone without leaving a crease in your hair as bobby pins or other clips do! 

I've tried them out... not too shabby!!! Definite recommendation. :) 

Velcro Strips $3.99, Velcro Bumps $9.99


Product Rave: No7 Radiance Boosting

Here's a product I've decided I cannot be without: 

This is a dupe product for the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. If you aren't familiar, let me fill you in. As a disclaimer, I've never personally tried the Liz Earle, but I've read and watched TONS of reviews (direct review links to SWalkerViviannaZoella). Unfortunately, this line is carried in the UK and is rarely sold on QVC (or so I've heard). I'm dying to get my hands on the Cleanse and Polish!

Anywho, onto the good stuff. What both of these products claim to do is to cleanse all the impurities off your face with the use of a muslin cloth. You pump out the cream onto your dry hands and rub onto your dry face over all your makeup. The product works into your skin, melting and dissolving away all the layers of makeup. As if that isn't cleansing enough, the muslin cloth steps in to take the cleansing process up another notch. Using hot water, soak the muslin cloth, squeeze out, and press into your face. As you wipe away the grime, you're removing makeup and exfoliating your face of dead skin cells. Repeat on a clean face if desired. The end product should be moisturized, glowing, and heavenly skin. 

The concept is simple: cleanse and polish. It's meant for all skin types and for anyone who is looking to clear their skin with light exfoliation. Just because you don't wear makeup shouldn't turn you off either! This product is just raved by makeup junkies because it's gentle, yet effective enough to remove everything on their face - in one step! Doesn't that sound amazing??? You could see how I was so intrigued and could not pass up the chance to try the No7 dupe. 

My review: 
I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. Now I've heard seen one comparison between the two, and the No7 failed compared to Liz Earle, but it totally wins for me. Imagine how great the Liz Earle must be!!! :O
First of all, this product smells like a dream. I love using it just to smell it. I can't describe the scent, but it really is a joy to use. Secondly, the cream really does melt off my makeup. I gently rub a generous amount onto my face and see the white cream turn gray (collecting all my makeup). I generally start on my cheeks and forehead and do my eyes last because I don't want my mascara being rubbed onto the rest of my face. I focus most of my attention at my eyes, where I use waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Mind you, nothing else gets my waterproof makeup as well as this. Once I know my skin and lashes are saturated well enough, I run my muslin cloth under the hot water, squeeze out the excess, and then rest the cloth over my face. When I have time, I let the cloth sit over my face to open up my pores. I then start taking off my makeup with the cloth. I make sure not to rub my eyes to irritate them or cause wrinkles. I close my eyes, push the cloth downward pressing it into my upper lashes, then push upward pressing the cloth into my lower lashes, then open my eyes and clean where necessary. When I'm too lazy to use the cloth, I'll still rub the cream onto my face, but just skip the cloth step and use a good foaming cleanser to get everything off. 

I did have to get used to this new process of taking off makeup, but it's so easy once it's a part of your routine. I don't like using oily makeup removers and getting cotton strands all over my face, so this was a nice alternative. The smell is amazing and it really does leave your face nicely moisturized. I love that the muslin cloth serves to gently exfoliate your face. It really does leave my skin... "radiant"! 

As far as I know, Target and Ulta carry No7. I just became a member at Ulta and saw a "get $3.50 off any minimum purchase of $10" coupon and thought it'd be great to get a backup for only $6.50! I just bought my backup so you can see how this qualifies for a "product rave" review!  If you're near an Ulta, go onto their site and use this coupon. If not... take a leap of faith and get it at Target! At least walk by and smell it... 

If any of you ever try it, let me know your thoughts! :D

My grade: A


I am a very happy camper.

Woohoo!!!! Time to take a trip! 


September Birch Box 2011

I'm already getting lazy taking photos of these boxes... I think it's because I have yet to be "wowed!" But still, I don't mind paying $10 per month for trying out new samples.

Anywho, here are the contents of this months box with retail prices (clockwise):

Blinc "Resilient" Mascara $24 - This interesting take on mascara claims to create "tubes" around your lashes instead of "painting" them on. This approach promises no running, smudging, clumping, flaking, and lengthens, holds curls, and is waterproof. Have yet to test it out. 

Jouer Lip Enhancer $14 - This tiny tube is the most exciting item I received this month. Give me anything that is a lip balm, and I'll go nuts. This works to moisturize and plump your lips at the same time. It has a nice scent and texture. Too bad it's the size of a newborn's finger!

Harvey Prince "Girly" Eu Flirt $55 - Nasty. Threw it away already. 

Incoco "Adventurous" Nail Polish Applique $9 - Zebra print nail strips. I always wanted to try them out, but not with this print! Maybe I'll try it out for a concert or some night out. :)

Lash Card $5 - These cards shaped to follow the curve of your eyes are meant to be used while applying mascara. Very fitting with the Blinc mascara sample. I probably need these everyday as I smear my mascara without fail, but I'm just too lazy to add another step in the routine. 

Birchbox Bracelet - A thank you gift for their one year anniversary. Meh. 

Overall.... *shrug.* 


As you may or may not know, I am OBSESSED with this site called: 

If you haven't heard of it, it's a site where you collect your favorite images, websites, and ideas onto a "virtual pinboard." It's so cool because you can see what's being added by all users of Pinterest, so you see so many ideas or pictures you would not have seen before. It's so useful because I get to "pin" anything from any website I like, categorize it, and then have the site saved without bookmarking! It's seriously saving my bookmarks folder from exploding. I also don't need to save miscellaneous pictures anymore either! 

Here's an example of what I'm talking about from my own boards:

Then when you open a picture, you can "like," "repin" onto your board, comment, or follow the person. And at the top right of each picture is the direct link to the original website. Isn't it amazing?

If you haven't started, you need to join! But beware... it can get very addicting. 
Request your add today!! Join me... :) 


Eye candy



The list never ends... 


Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3...

I've recently decided to go hunting for my holy grail high-end foundation and graduate from drugstore brands. The only thing is, I don't own any or know where to start! After much research, I was able to narrow my list down. Below are the samples I collected from Macy's, Nordstrom, and Sephora.

Before I get started, I should explain what I was looking for to match my skin type. I have combination skin (dry cheeks, oily t-zone, esp at forehead and nose) and prefer matte finish foundations. Now I'm no expert, but the different type of finishes are matte, satin, and dewy. Since I'm oily within a few hours, I definitely do not like dewy foundations because they only contribute to my oiliness. I'm not too sure what "satin" means, but I'm guessing a powdery sheen. I love matte, but other people find this finish to be too fake and sometimes cakey. (I will share my secrets below for matte foundations!) A good foundation for me means medium to heavy coverage, long lasting stay, and no oxidizing (turning orange)! 

Let's take a look!

from left to right: 
top: Chanel Mat Lumiere, Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection SPF 60
middle: Kiehl's Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer, MAC Pro Longwear
bottom: Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet +, MUFE HD Invisible Cover, MUFE Face & Body, Nars Sheer Matte 

1) Chanel Mat Lumiere (Cendre 30) - My favorite, yet the priciest at $54. :( This foundation gives me a matte finish that is soft, powdery, and smooth. The coverage is medium and the lasting power is pretty decent for something like an 8-hour day. I love it... why do you have to be so $$$$.

2) Shiseido USP SPF 60+ - This face and body lotion has such a cult following! I was looking for something to wear under my makeup this summer without making everything melt off. The consistency is runny, but slightly thick. It blends in very nicely. I liked it, but still iffy about purchasing a full sized bottle only because I don't want to add another layer to my skin!

3) Kiehl's Super Fluid Defense SPF 50+ - This consistency is very runny so make sure you shake it up! This dried to a powder touch after blending, but like I said, I don't want to purchase because I am scared of breaking out with more layers on my face. (I like both sunscreen products equally.)

4) Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer vs. Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer (Sand) - The lady behind the counter told me I was sand in both formula's, but that was not true! I tried the original TM and I turned as orange as an Ooma-loompa. The oil-free TM was a much better match, but left me SOOO oily. I was disappointed because these TMs have won so many awards! I did like the natural finish it gave right after application, but I think the asian in me prefers BB creams. 

5) Mac Pro Longwear (NC130 & NC125*) - I was matched to NC130 when I first went to the counter. I told her I think I was NC125, but she said it was "totally" 130. Wrong! I went back for NC125 and this is my second favorite of the bunch!!! I will definitely be purchasing this foundation for only $30. (Actually I'll be buying it with a discount, but I'm gittin' it). This foundation is matte, long-lasting (alllll day), a perfect color match, medium coverage, and does not oxidize. I get scared of MAC foundations because they always break me out, but this definitely works for me. I say check it out of you're prone to oil production during the day.

6) MUFE Matte Velvet + (35) - This product has so much rave in the Youtube community of the oily-skinned. I was so excited to try it, but it turns out it just made me even more oily. The coverage and color range are great, but the formula just doesn't work on my skin. I think it would be great for slightly oily skin, but it's not strong enough for me. My sister also had the same problems! I say get a sample before purchasing... It didn't have great lasting power either.

7) MUFE HD (123) - Now this foundation is HOLY GRAIL in the Youtube community. If you haven't heard of it... then you've been living in a cave. But honestly, it didn't work for me either. This foundation does give a flawless finish, but would work much more beautifully for people with normal to dry skin. This line is great because there is such a huge range of colors, so that's great for people who have problem finding matches. This foundation also left me very oily. I used up the rest of the tube on days when I only had be out less than 5-6 hours. Other than that, it just couldn't hold up. 

8) MUFE Face & Body (32) - This was the winner for MUFE surprisingly. I thought it would be similar to MAC's Face and Body, but it's completely different. MAC's F&B is a water-based liquid foundation that has nonexistent coverage. It was so dewy that my faced melted off within hours. The MUFE, on the other hand, performed great on hot summer days. The weird thing about this foundation is that it has a GEL base. It's all jiggly-wiggly when you pump it out. However, it blends to a powder finish and is completely buildable in its coverage. The staying power was pretty decent too. I think this foundation was the closest to the notion of having a "satin" finish. The verdict for my skin type: this MUFE foundation beats the other two cult favorites for face, but MAC's F&B is good for the body. 

9) Nars Sheer Matte (Stromboli) - This foundation is overlooked compared to its nemesis, Nars Sheer Glow. These obviously either offer a glowy (satin) or matte finish. I decided to give Sheer Matte a go since I like matte finishes. I was pleasantly surprised by this foundation. It has a light to medium coverage that is buildable, and not overly matte. The color matches pretty well with my skin. I did realize that the staying power is decent, but after about 6 hours my skin just doesn't look quiet fresh. I think it eventually oxidizes on me. 

So what did I learn?? Chanel breaks the bank, but is worth it. I did give in and buy Chanel Vitalumiere (review to come!), but I think it will be a while till I splurge on Chanel Mat Lumiere. Instead, I learned this is why MAC must be so successful thanks to real high-end prices. haha The Pro Longwear does what I need and I won't feel AS bad spending the dough on this foundation. The two drugstore long-wearing matte foundations I will still remain faithful to are the Maybelline Superstay 24 and Revlon Color Stay. Don't worry babies, you won't be forgotten!!

And my tips for matte finishes? Always apply with a damp sponge (Beauty Blender, Ulta or Sonia Kashuk dupes, cosmetic wedges all work well) because it evens out the formula over the face and prevents cakiness. You can always add on a highlight on your cheekbones to add the "dew" and you have control over where it is applied instead of all over your face! Bronzer is another great way to add depth back into your face. Nars Laguna, Tarte Park Ave Princess, Laura Gellar Bronze and Brighten, Elf Contour ($3!!!!!), Benefit Hoola, Too Faced Chocolate Soleil, and Urban Decay Baked Bronzer are all great and promising options. 

And my final tip... Go go go go get samples!!! GO WITHOUT SHAME!!!! :D


Perfume Collection

With my recent infatuation with Gucci Flora, I thought now would be a good time to share my perfume collection! I think it's pretty fair to say I have a liking towards floral or fruity scents, especially when they have a warm note to tone it down. I do have to mention that I've only purchased two of these perfumes. Two were given to me by a generous friend, one swapped with another friend, and two given to me as gifts. Anyways, let's get to it!

Ta-da~ My perfumes sitting on a dish from Marshalls. 

from left to right:

DKNY 'Be Delicious' - This perfume is the oldest and fruitiest bunch of them all. My sister got this as a bday gift for me many years ago (hi sis. thanks sis~). It was one of the first perfumes of my "adult" life after I graduated from Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren scents in my teen years. heheh. This sturdy round bottle has held up through thick and thin and seems to never go down! You can definitely smell the apple, cucumber, and tuberose. It's just such a sweet smell that I can only afford to wear during the spring or summer, especially when it's a day I feel like frolicking around in a dress. Overall, fruity and fresh. 

Escada 'Pacific Paradise'  - This limited edition Escada perfume (what they're known for) was exchanged with a friend for my Cool Water Happy summer. I'm not quite sure how to explain this scent, but it's definitely a powerful burst of scents for your nose. What sticks out to me are the notes of amber, candy, fruits, and flowers. I know that's so vague, but it's really a concoction. This fits my mood when I'm feeling girly. Fun for days out or even a date, but beware... the smell can be overwhelming! Overall, floral, fruity, and feminine. 

Giorgio Armani 'Armani Code' - This perfume is one that I'm still getting used to (thanks grace!!!). It definitely has notes of wood that make this perfume much warmer and richer than the rest of my collection. The vanilla, ginger, blood orange blossoms, and jasmine are easily detectable. It's soothing though because of the wood and also hints of lavender. It's almost a little seductive. :O Overall, warm and womanly. 

Burberry 'Summer' - I picked this bad boy up in Ktown during a Christmas sale. I think I got it for half-off. Score! Anywho, this limited edition bottle was a must-have after smelling it at my friend's house. I was already in love with two other Burberry scents, and I thought this would be the perfect perfume for... well duh, summer. It has floral scents of freesia, lily, and rose, but a crisp twist with notes of citrus, vanilla, and wood. It's fresh, but really warm and dark at the same time. I would say this is for when you're feeling sophisticated on summer days. :P 

from left to right: 

Marc Jacobs 'Daisy' - I was seriously obsessed with this perfume for the longest time. Too bad everyone around me hates it. (namely you, joyce!) I think it's just a different smelling perfume that always excites my lil' ol' nostrils. I mean, it's pretty heavily scented with vanilla, musk, jasmine, and gardenia, which I can see being overwhelming to a lot of people. But to me, it's magical. Apparently there are some notes of strawberry and grapefruit. See? Not too bad... My cousin got this for me as a bday/christmas gift and I was ever so grateful. I may be running out of this sometime soon (it will be the first perfume I finish before it expires!), but I don't feel confident I could finish a full size bottle in the future. They're just so ginormous with their huge daisy-heads... intimidating. See?? My one daisy is so much more friendly and cute. Overall, I think Sephora got it on the dot: "floral with a vintage edge."

Burberry 'The Beat' - Bergamot, musk, and wood. I think even a little "soapy." It's a really sophisticated scent that not everyone loves as much as I do. I used to go spray myself with this perfume at Sephora and just love how the middle and base notes were just as rich as the top notes, even hours after application. I would smell my shirt when I got home like a lunatic. haha Anyways, I love this perfume and I think it's perfect - absolutely perfect - for the fall, and even all year round (Daisy would also be a close contender). Overall, floral and spicy. Mmmmm..

Juicy Couture 'Viva la Juicy' - Last, but definitely not least, is my favorite amongst the bunch. I introduce to you - Viva la Juicy! Now mind you, I have always been anti-Juicy tracksuits and tacky charm bracelets and what have you, but I absolutely love this perfume. The only reason why I gave this perfume a chance was because of makeup guru Tiffany D spoke about it on her channel. I went into Sephora and fell in love instantly. I'm a sucker for gardenia and jasmine in light doses, but even more for vanilla. And this perfume has it all. When you first spray the perfume, you smell the top notes of berries and mandarin. Then the floral notes kick in. And then you're left with yummy amber, caramel, and vanilla when top notes have faded. I luuuuuuv. I first purchased the $18 rollerball, but I became a possessed woman who reapplied every other hour. I caved when I heard that this could be found at Marshalls or TJ Maxx. I scored! $30! I've been wearing this flirty scent pretty much everyday since the day I've purchased it and haven't given any of my other perfumes the time of day. Sorry guys. 
Anyways, it's perfection and I will definitely invest in a bigger bottle when I run out in the future. 

Wish list: 
Gucci 'Flora'
Burberry 'Brit Sheer'
Fresh 'Sugar Lychee'
Stella McCartney 'Stella The Print Collection'
Hermes Fragrant Set

What are your signature scents or on your wish list for perfumes???


introducing my newest obsession:
gucci flora. 
sweet jesus, its amazing!!!
i spritzed it on my skin at sephora earlier this afternoon and i can't stop smelling myself like a mad woman. 
next splurge, for sure.