Memo Boards

They're here!

Only two days ago I ordered these Ivory Twill French Memo Boards from Target online for $12 each.
They're so cute, aren't they? And I was really impressed with their speedy service. It was quite the opposite situation when I ordered Missoni merchandise back in September and had to wait till January to receive them! I also had a HORRIBLE experience with one of their phone reps... Anyways, good stuff.
They're currently having a sale on all home items, so check it out
I'm not even sure what pictures I'm going to stick in these considering all my pictures are digital... so I'll have to start picking and printing. Will post pics when completed. :) 

Chanel vs. MAC

The recent CRAZE in the beauty world has definitely been the new drugstore eyeshadow releases by Maybelline and L'oreal. These cheap alternatives to the ever so famous Chanel's Illusion D'ombre, MAC Paint Pots, and Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill have definitely racked up major popularity because of their ability to give these high end brands a run for their money. I had to jump onto the bandwagon myself and scored Maybelline Color Tattoo Bad To the Bronze and L'oreal Infallible Iced Latte, Amber Rush, and Bronzed Taupe. Here's a color swatch of Amber Rush and Bronzed Taupe:

Not bad, right? They're amazingly pigmented and for a fraction of the price of Chanel and GA... yes, please! 
Here are some links to legit swatches: Iced Lattemore Infallibles, and Color Tattoos


On my recent trip to NY, I had my first opportunity to check out Chanel's Illusion D'ombres and MAC Naturally collection in person. Having finally seen Chanel in person after tons of video and blog raves, I had to admit I was a bit underwhelmed. If you check out the swatches below, you'll see that there are tons of glitter specks I had not expected in the formula. Sure the black pot was known to have silver specks, but not all the other colors! Personally, I think glitter can make a product look much cheaper... Is that just me? They're definitely gorgeous... but worth $36? Hmmm...
Giorgio Armani shadows were also beautiful in person, but I just couldn't justify the price when L'oreal does it just as good.
left to right: Chanel 82 Emerveille, 86 Ebloui, 83 Illusoire (sooooo pretty), 85 Mirifique, GA 6 Khaki Pulse

Then came MAC's Naturally collection. These mineralized shadows go for $20 each, but I thought the subtle sheen of the shadows were so pretty and looked much more wearable than Chanel's. I ended up purchasing the pinkish-purple color on the left (Daylight), but am now regretting I didn't get the soft peach champagne color (Summer Haze) as well!!!! I didn't feel right spending $40 on eyeshadow alone that day, but I should have because Summer Haze is completely sold out wherever I go! I thought it was too similar of a color that I already own, but nothing gives off as pretty and soft of a glow as this color does. And it could work beautifully as a cheek highlight too!! Oh... regrets... 

As much as I admire Chanel products and the prestige of their brand... I have to admit I wasn't convinced I needed (well, I don't really need any of this) to have the Illusion D'ombres in my collection. But who knows? They may get me one day.... 


Happy New Year!!!

Hello Blog World... I am still alive. I've made into 2012 and I have resolved that I will be a much more diligent blogger! I'll shoot for at least once a week... and if I slack, I welcome any type of threats or harassment. I assure you I have TONS of pictures stored up in my "blog" folder, but just haven't gotten around to posting them. But they are on their way!

So let's get to it! Come see the progression of my new sickness...

One of my newest obsessions of this new year has been CANDLES. I was never a candle-kinda-gal. I never understood it when I would watch people show their newest candles in Youtube hauls. But then my life was flipped upside down when this little guy came into my life.
Say hello to my new friend. I got this candle for 50% off with my Rue La La 50% off coupon for Naimie's. So for $4 I thought, "Why not?" It just smelled too good to pass. I can't explain the rich and fruity scent of this candle... so if you ever come over, expect me to shove it in your face. Mmm... so good. 

But then, this other guy made a special place in my heart when I won him in a Christmas White Elephant gift exchange. An Anthropologie Capri Blue candle in Volcano. YUM! This one also is fruity, but there is a lightness to it that makes me feel fluttery on the insides. Both of these candles have a citrus accent where the Voluspa has orange and the Capri Blue has lemon and lime.

 Then I came across these lighters at Target for $1. Had to get them for my new candles. :P

And then here's when things got buckwild...........

I walked into Bath & Body works with friends and before my eyes were these mini-candles that were being sold with a glass jar for only $2!! I collected 4 Cranberry Pear Bellini (my fave), 2 Merry Mistletoe, and 1 Winter Candy Apple. I felt justified in "trying out" these scents for only 2 bucks. Too bad I'm sold and will definitely invest in these scents full size one day. These candles may be tiny, but they can really fill up my ENTIRE room.
The other big guy is a Yankee candle in Christmas Cookie I got for 50% off at Ulta. They were getting rid of their holiday scents. This is a soft and sweet vanilla scent that makes me feel warm and cozy. This is the candle I burned the most until....

... this happened. Another 50% off Vanilla Creme candle from Ulta. Then... my aunts, cousin, sister, and I took a little trip to Marshall's after celebrating the Lunar New Year together. My aunts and sister were basically buying all the candles in the store, so I took a peek myself. I ended up with 2 Caldrea candles in Pomegranate Fig and Vanilla Lemon. 

Here's the showstopper. I came across this candle sitting in the clearance section. Yankee Hearts & Kisses. I can't explain the scent... smells like roses, candy, lavender, and freshly cleaned sheets. Have no idea if any of that is true. I've been trying to google this scent, but I can't find anything!!! I bought 2 of these (only 2 left) and I'm already scared of the day I'll be left without them. I need to go scour all of the Marshall's and TJ Maxx's in my area. Or else I'LL DIE!!!  Not really, but I'll be pretty depressed. 

So that wraps it up for my candle obsession. I don't know how my collection escalated so quickly, but I hope I don't become a hoarder! I need to keep my eyes turned away from any new candles... except for Hearts & Kisses. 

What are your favorite candle scents??