wedding jitters

so tomorrow mark's my second wedding gig! how exciting and nervewracking all at the same time.
it's fun being filled in a room full of estrogen and makeup, i cannot deny. i'm nervous this time, though, because i've never done makeup for any of her bridesmaids before. i hope i won't let down! thankfully my awesome friend, the bride, let me practice a bajillion times on her.

but in lieu of tomorrow's festivities, i thought it appropriate to share photos of my first real gig! thanks to my wonderful cousin who gave me all the encouragement and support to use my hobby for her biggest day. you musta been on drugs, gurl!!! and another shoutout to all the wonderful bridesmaids who put their trust in me to do their faces as well... and as we would say, "go-geous!!!"

enjoy!! :)

i look legit HAHA jk

no kimchee breath zone

sexy pose~

finishing touches


so lovely!

so.... when's it my turn? :P

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