Weekend Haul

Thanks to a special offer on Rue La La local picks, I was able to get a hold of $120 worth of products for only $60 from Naimie's Beauty Center in LA! This is seriously like a gift sent from heaven whenever this deal is offered. This was my second chance to take advantage of this opportunity, and boy did it feel good getting almost 50% off (I couldn't stop at $120). It's pretty sad how quickly everything adds up!!! I feel like I have little to show, but hope you like some of the things!

from left to right:
Embryolisse Nourishing Moisturiser - Sam Chapman of Pixiwoo always uses this natural and paraben-free lotion underneath her foundation, and I have always wanted to try it! I have combination skin, but have been experiencing dry patches on my right bottom cheek. I thought it was a good excuse to try it out and did run out of night cream.

Lorac Translucent Touchup Powder - This powder was marked 50% off and with the added voucher, I'd only pay $8. I have hit pan on my Maybelline Dream Matte Powder and can't really say no to something that may help with afternoon oiliness. It contains oat flour that is not supposed to be drying. I'll be working on an upcoming post on powders!

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream - I have been wanting to try this darned thing for aaaages. I first heard about it from Ginabinawina99 on Youtube and was so intrigued by it. It's supposed to be like Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream, an all purpose product that can serve as a moisturizer for desert lands on your body, chapstick, hair tamer, burns, bites, scar prevention, and even primer! All sorts of crazy. I was actually going to head to Whole Foods to purchase it after my trip to Naimies, but thank goodness I was able to get it with a discounted price. I don't necessarily have dry skin, but like I said, I've been intrigued for years and will do anything to get rid of the dry patch on my cheek.
Moroccan Oil Treatment Light - I got a small 0.85fl oz of the original Moroccan Oil Treatment from my last haul at Naimie's and decided I would purchase a full size on my next trip. My hair really loves this stuff. I decided to get the "light" forumla because my hair does get weighed down really easily. 

Make Up For Ever Face & Body Liquid Foundation - I love this gel foundation so much. I tested it in 2011 and really enjoyed what it did for my skin, especially during the hot summer days. By the time I realized that it worked for me, summer was coming to an end and I didn't need another product collecting dust. It's not quite yet spring, but LA is already feeling hot and thought it was a wise investment for future use. 

Without boxes:

I also got a Sigma F25 sent to me as a replacement from my previous order. I got a faulty brush that shed TONS of bristles on a daily basis and knew something wasn't right. They had great service and kindly sent me a new brush. I'm happy to report the brush does not excessively shed and is even more tapered than the last!

PS- I realized I was naughty and never posted my last haul from Naimie's, even though I took photos. I'll just do a quick recap of what I purchased.

from left to right:
Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer - Sand
Terax Latte Clarifying Shampoo
Voluspa Goji Taracco Orange Candle
MAC Lustre Lipstick - Jubilee
Kiehl's Rare Earth Pore Refining Toner
Moroccan Oil Treatment

Have you guys tried any of these products? What worked and didn't work for you? 


  1. ruelala.com is going to have naimie's on its website again tomorrow (2/14/12)!

    1. we're doing it!!!! get our troops ready

  2. embryolisse is uhhhhmazing for the winter although it makes my t-zone a little shiny. love love love moroccan oil and i really want to try the egyptian magic thingie!

    1. yea, i have combo skin so this only works for me during the winter on dry spots! i definitely could not use this during the day on my face or i'd be a big grease ball!