Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Color - Red Velvet

I know the holidays are long gone, but wearing red lips is still on trend! And with Valentine's just around the corner, I'm sure people will find an excuse to bust out their favorite red look. So here is one of my most recent and favorite (and only haha) "red lipstick" find:

Wet N Wild Mega Last - 910D Red Velvet 

Don't be fooled by the cheap $2.99 price tag. WnW has been upping their game for the past two years and has been coming out with makeup that puts high end brands to shame. This lipstick comes from their matte long-wearing line with a pretty decent range of colors. I picked this color up right before I headed to New York because I was looking for a fun color for nights out. I've never rocked a bold lip before so I was hesitant to splurge on anything more than $5 in case the color was wrong. I wasn't able to swatch the lipstick in the store, but I trusted in WnW! 

I couldn't tell which swatch was better, so I just posted both. Although a matte lipstick, Red Velvet has a slight cream finish that has some slip. It isn't so matte that it instantly dries on your lip. There's also a hint of gloss that helps the color look more wearable. The blue tone underneath isn't so strong- in fact, I think it's just the right amount that anyone could wear it. The staying power is at least for 6 hours too! Red Velvet is a TRUE bright red lipstick and I definitely recommend it if you're looking for a fun new look!

What reds are in your collection? 

Missing New York and my besties <3 <3 <3 


  1. That is a very nice red!!! Thanks! If you have a chance, please visit/follow my fashion blog. It will mean the world to me if you did. Let's create fashionable memories together!!! Thank you so much in advance! Have a beautiful day!!!

  2. I know, you should check it out! Will take a look :D