Here are some recent products I've purchased at a really great price! 

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer  & Eye Shadow Insurance Policy Palette 
$12 at Nordstrom Rack
A single tube of Shadow Insurance is normally $18, so this combo was truly a steal. :) 

Full Front, Glamazon, and Socialite are my favorite by far. These 3 shadows are right up my alley, in terms of everyday wear. The other 3 colors are a fun addition since I don't really own anything colorful.


Love how glossy they look outdoors at night! I especially love the lightest color, Glamazon. It's what I wished Naked Palette 1 Sidecar was like! Lots of color payoff without all that glitter fallout!

Another deal that's still going on at Target: 

Full size L'oreal Youth Code Youth Regenerating Day/Night Cream & Cleanser
Right now, Target is selling any of the Youth Code moisturizers for full size and price with a FREE Youth Code Cleanser. It depends on which item you want to buy, but the lotion is $19.99.
I've been meaning to repurchase the Day/Night Cream ever since I used up my last jar, but I've been lazy. I think it's because my skin had become really dry during January-February and had needed something thicker, like Embryolisse. However, it's become too heavy and I needed to go back to my normal routine. When I went into Target, I saw this duo and I knew it was meant to be. I specifically went looking for this moisturizing and a new cleanser. So far, the lotion has been great (duh), but I'm not too sure about the face wash. It's SO FRAGRANT- almost gives me a headache! It does a good job of washing off my makeup, but it's not targeted for blemishes, which is a concern for me. I'll definitely use it up, but I won't be repurchasing. 

Hope someone will take advantage of these deals! :) 

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  1. Hi Jess, that is quite a steal :) Getting a few shadows in addition to the primer is definitely a plus! Glamazon seems like a very usable color. The others seem like they'd be handy to have around for the the times you really want to mix in a striking color!