Flower Power

Why do I always miss my chance to get the "Forever Audrey" earrings by Jewel Mint?!?? I always check their site after they're sold out. -_-

Does anyone else see the uncanny resemblance with CZ's "Marquessa" earrings? Wonder which came first... Hmmm...

I know how the "Forever Audreys" look because everyone on Youtube flaunts them in my face. I've never seen the "Marquessas" in person, but I think they look too thin and pretty. I don't know!
Which do you guys prefer?


  1. i like jewelmint's... mmmmmmmmmmmm

    i added a link to your blog on my blog! i just made a button for you, if you wanna change it send me one that's 252px wide~~~~

  2. if i see another jewelmint video on youtube.............

  3. Oh wow, can you believe I had never heard anything about these?
    They are so beautiful!