Need a lift?

My sister introduced me to 1) a new blog 2) a new Youtube channel and 3) a new product. 
Before reading any further, please look at Extra Petites blog entry here: Voluminous Puffy Bun!!!! Look look look! 

After watching the video and seeing her pictures, I was convinced I needed this in my life. I have the flattest head ever along with less hair on top. My hair is super poofy ear-length down, but glued to the top of my head ear-length up. Backcombing (teasing) is not a daily option for me as my hair always becomes limp and oily with the use of hairspray. I even bought a root crimper (a tiny flat iron with tiny crimp plates to create volume only at the root) to avoid teasing, but too lazy to do that too!! 

Anyways, I went over to a Japanese market in the Puente Hills mall (across from Ross) and found these bad boys. I also found the infamous velcro strips that keep your bangs/flyaways gone without leaving a crease in your hair as bobby pins or other clips do! 

I've tried them out... not too shabby!!! Definite recommendation. :) 

Velcro Strips $3.99, Velcro Bumps $9.99

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