Product Rave: No7 Radiance Boosting

Here's a product I've decided I cannot be without: 

This is a dupe product for the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. If you aren't familiar, let me fill you in. As a disclaimer, I've never personally tried the Liz Earle, but I've read and watched TONS of reviews (direct review links to SWalkerViviannaZoella). Unfortunately, this line is carried in the UK and is rarely sold on QVC (or so I've heard). I'm dying to get my hands on the Cleanse and Polish!

Anywho, onto the good stuff. What both of these products claim to do is to cleanse all the impurities off your face with the use of a muslin cloth. You pump out the cream onto your dry hands and rub onto your dry face over all your makeup. The product works into your skin, melting and dissolving away all the layers of makeup. As if that isn't cleansing enough, the muslin cloth steps in to take the cleansing process up another notch. Using hot water, soak the muslin cloth, squeeze out, and press into your face. As you wipe away the grime, you're removing makeup and exfoliating your face of dead skin cells. Repeat on a clean face if desired. The end product should be moisturized, glowing, and heavenly skin. 

The concept is simple: cleanse and polish. It's meant for all skin types and for anyone who is looking to clear their skin with light exfoliation. Just because you don't wear makeup shouldn't turn you off either! This product is just raved by makeup junkies because it's gentle, yet effective enough to remove everything on their face - in one step! Doesn't that sound amazing??? You could see how I was so intrigued and could not pass up the chance to try the No7 dupe. 

My review: 
I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. Now I've heard seen one comparison between the two, and the No7 failed compared to Liz Earle, but it totally wins for me. Imagine how great the Liz Earle must be!!! :O
First of all, this product smells like a dream. I love using it just to smell it. I can't describe the scent, but it really is a joy to use. Secondly, the cream really does melt off my makeup. I gently rub a generous amount onto my face and see the white cream turn gray (collecting all my makeup). I generally start on my cheeks and forehead and do my eyes last because I don't want my mascara being rubbed onto the rest of my face. I focus most of my attention at my eyes, where I use waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Mind you, nothing else gets my waterproof makeup as well as this. Once I know my skin and lashes are saturated well enough, I run my muslin cloth under the hot water, squeeze out the excess, and then rest the cloth over my face. When I have time, I let the cloth sit over my face to open up my pores. I then start taking off my makeup with the cloth. I make sure not to rub my eyes to irritate them or cause wrinkles. I close my eyes, push the cloth downward pressing it into my upper lashes, then push upward pressing the cloth into my lower lashes, then open my eyes and clean where necessary. When I'm too lazy to use the cloth, I'll still rub the cream onto my face, but just skip the cloth step and use a good foaming cleanser to get everything off. 

I did have to get used to this new process of taking off makeup, but it's so easy once it's a part of your routine. I don't like using oily makeup removers and getting cotton strands all over my face, so this was a nice alternative. The smell is amazing and it really does leave your face nicely moisturized. I love that the muslin cloth serves to gently exfoliate your face. It really does leave my skin... "radiant"! 

As far as I know, Target and Ulta carry No7. I just became a member at Ulta and saw a "get $3.50 off any minimum purchase of $10" coupon and thought it'd be great to get a backup for only $6.50! I just bought my backup so you can see how this qualifies for a "product rave" review!  If you're near an Ulta, go onto their site and use this coupon. If not... take a leap of faith and get it at Target! At least walk by and smell it... 

If any of you ever try it, let me know your thoughts! :D

My grade: A

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