Rock & Republic

The Rock & Republic line of makeup is known for its lavish packaging, tremendous color selection of blushes and eyeshadows, and great color payoff. Too bad it's discontinued!!! :(
Thanks to YouTube gurus like Hollyannaeree and Jenn from frmheadtotoe who raved about this brand, people jumped onto the bandwagon and began buying out products whenever it was held on Hautelook. I'm bummed because this all happened before I began actually collecting makeup and missed out on so many opportunities to get their blushes and brushes. Now they're all sold out! :((

I decided it was time to invest in whatever I could before the entire line disappears. So here is what I got my hands on at $7 a pop from Hautelook.

 Each eyeshadow comes in it's own little case. I likey!

Here are 3 of the shadows I received. From left to right are Revenge, Alloy, and Wicked. Revenge is is shimmery cranberry purple, Alloy is a shimmery golden peach, and Wicked is a matte maroon purple.

Swatches of Alloy, Wicked, and Revenge from left to right and bottom to top. 

Surprisingly, the colors swatched differently than expected. Revenge has a deep purple tone and the cranberry speckles seem to disappear. The shadow is creamy to the touch, just like Alloy. Alloy was pretty much what I expected and swatches true to color. Wicked turned out to be much chalkier than I had hoped for and has more of a maroon-cranberry color than purple, which I actually like. 

I'm still waiting for the color Tribal to arrive. I'm sad that I missed the chance to own colors like Carat, Veil, Sabotage, and Exile. I've probably done a horrible job at portraying the wonders of this line, so if you're bored please check out this girl's swatches at Part 1 and Part 2

And while I'm still talking about this line, I figured I should show the blush I own in Immoral.
Please excuse my extremely lazy impromptu "shoot" on my bed with my iPhone... haha

First of all, do you see how big the blush is compared to the shadows??

The color in the pan is really scary, but when applied with a light hand, the blush brings a bright flushed tone to the skin that isn't too bad. Plus it's matte so it looks pretty natural. 

To sum it up, it's a pretty great brand and even greater with it's huge discounted price tag. I love its heavy and durable packaging with mirrors placed in each compact. It seems over the top, but that's what makes it feel expensive. My only gripe about the packaging is that there are no magnetic or clip closures. It's made well enough that it shouldn't open on its own, but I wouldn't trust it to be sitting in my purse, that's for sure. So that is my measly Rock & Republic collection. I'm so sad I missed out on the other blushes, shadows, and brushes! I wonder if they'd ever come back out with this makeup collection since it's been doing so well?

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