Greasy much?

One major thorn in my side is how oily my hair gets!! 

My hair: 
I have very fine strands of hair that have a slight wave to them, which makes my hair look deceivingly thicker than it really is. So unfortunately, I have to wash my hair pretty frequently. My hair is naturally dark brown and is currently ombred. I don't have a "true" ombre because I asked to have it done more as highlights instead of done throughout my entire hair.  It's grown pretty long in the past couple of months.

Anyways, the point is... it's really annoying to have to wash everyday!! My hair can get dried out really easily and can turn coppery (as most bleached Asian hair turns). It's also a pain to blow dry and curl when I know I have to wash it by the end of the day. I definitely want to avoid daily washes as my hair has been growing longer. 

I've recently been able to "train" my hair to withstand a wash every 2-2.5 days with the help of some products, but the main trick is DRY SHAMPOO! Here are the 3 I'm reviewing today:

1) TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo for Oily/Straight to Normal Hair
This product... sucks. One of the main reasons I could never "train" my hair was because of this dang product! This was the first dry shampoo I purchased last year. I wasn't about to spend the big bucks on Klorane (the only I knew of at the time) and was excited a drugstore brand ventured into this realm. I had put so much hope into this bottle and was greatly disappointed. This dry shampoo sprays wet onto the hair and needs to be rubbed and brushed out. It leaves a stark white cast that turns flaky!!! The smell is nice, but kind of turns into a headache after a while. The major problem with this dry shampoo is that it is HEAVY and STICKY. It weighs down my roots, only making them oilier and you can actually "feel" the weight of your hair. I tried numerous times to make this product work, but it only accentuated my problems. I was turned off by the concept of dry shampoo for several months. This is an EPIC FAIL product for me and do not recommend it.
2) Frederic Fekkai Au Naturel Powder Clean Dry Shampoo 
This is a powder that claims to give a "fresh" start and lift to second-day hair. I think I got this from Sephora with my beauty points and never really used it. It wasn't until Sandra from 15 Steps and a Beauty Blog started talking about it and I remembered I had it. I heard baby powder is similar, but this is made of starch and cotton to absorb oil. The pointed funnel tip does help with getting the product right where you need it instead of giving you the sprinkled dandruff effect. I do think this product does a good job of sucking up excess oil from the hair and scalp, but does not give any body. I use this on days when conditions are "less severe" and just want to prevent oil buildup. I've used this pretty consistently for the past 6 months and haven't made a dent in this sample size. If you're curious, I recommend picking up the $10 sample size instead of the huge bottle!
3) Suave Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo
After reading several blogs comparing this "new" formula and their original, I decided to go with this. It claims to refresh just as well as Bumble and Bumble. I haven't tried, so wouldn't be able to tell you. What I can tell you is that it is my favorite out of the 3. This spray dries to a powder finish and has a powdery-flowery-grapefruit scent. Because I have dark roots, it is important that I don't have a "gray cast" from my dry shampoo. I make sure to brush this out, and the great thing is, it doesn't leave flakes like Tresemme does! This product not only refreshens my hair, but gives it volume without weighing it down. My roots feel powdery till the end of the day, which feels a little weird, but that just means I know its working. Definitely recommend it.

I also tried two high-end dry shampoos from the Sephora on two different occasions. I don't own these, so these are only my first impressions.
Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray
One thing I loved about this product is that it really is invisible! There was absolutely no white cast and I was able to spray this all over my head without any fear. I usually have to double check that I don't have a white streak on the back of my head, but not with this! This finished result was very similar to Suave. I really liked this spray!!! I'm contemplating whether I should purchase such an expensive dry shampoo when the Suave already works for me... 

Ojon Full Detox Rub-Out Dry Cleansing Spray
Ew!!! This was even worse than Tresemme's dry shampoo on my hair! It left such an obvious white cast and took quite some time to rub out. The smell was kind of strange and it left my hair feeling really heavy and sticky. I was pretty disappointed because I love Ojon products. 

I want to check out Klorane and Batiste next. If you don't need dry shampoos, consider yourself lucky!! 
What dry shampoos work for you? Any tips on how to extend the time between washes?? 


  1. okay, i'm going to give you some amazing advice and you're going to love me forever. i have two bottles of the oscar blandi invisible dry shampoo. it's bullshit. it makes my hair look even greasier if that's even possible. go to sephora, pick up sachajuan volume powder. do it.

    1. yea, seems like powder is the only thing that works for me too!