My Glam Bag for February 2012

After months of disappointing samples from Birchbox, I decided to unsubscribe and joined My Glam Bag instead. It's another one of those $10/month for 4-5 deluxe sized samples services. I decided to give this a try because their last month seemed promising with a full size bottle of a mask and full sized makeup products from the Balm. I anxiously awaited for this month's arrival, but it seemed like everyone was disappointed with their Glam bag. I finally got mine in the mail today and wasn't too impressed either. 

Festive Valentine's bag. I could definitely use this. 

The contents: 
1) Ghiradelli Chocolate Squares - GONE before I even uploaded these photos! 
2) Premier Dead Sea Cinderella Mask and Treatment Cream - What am I going to do with these one-time use samples? There was a coupon included for 50% off, but I don't think I'll be keeping it. If anyone is interested, just type in MYGLAM on your purchase at www.premierdeadsea.com. 
3) Freeman Facial Hydration Mask in Goji Berry 
4) NuMe $100 Gift Certificate - Probably won't use. 
5) X Out Shine Control (full size) - An oil-free moisturizer that works to keep the skin free from shine. It's a really watery consistency that I can't imagine to be too moisturizing. (See photos below)
6) NYX Roll On Shimmer in RES11 Almond (full size) - A roll on product that takes me back to elementary school. It's a shimmering powder for the eyes, face, and body, but I don't know why I would put brown glitter on my face or body. It's pretty much like a pigment put into a tube and rolls out dry. Kinda messy. I would imagine a ton of fall out on under the eyes, so be careful! Maybe it could work with a stickier base like Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue. (See photos below)

Roll on ball. 

3 swatches of the Roll On in Almond on the left and X Out Shine Control on right. The shine control rubs out like water and is very wet. Probably will try this before and after moisturizer and see which way works best. 

Roll On blended out. You can see there are a lot of gold glitter particles. The particles are kind of dry and scratchy. There's a nice glow in the sun, but it definitely needs a base underneath. 

Overall, this bag is pretty weak. My chocolates are already gone, and the 3 one-time-use masks won't be around for much longer either. So... I'm just left with a shine control product and an eyeshadow I know I won't be using... 
What do you guys think? Pretty disappointing, no? Any other Glam Bag subscribers out there?
I think I'll give it 2 more months... 


  1. This is my second glam bag, and I was a pretty disappointed at this month's bag as well. None of February's products are things I use on a normal basis.. I'll stick it out for a couple of more months though. I'm hoping it'll get better.

    It seems like December's bag was the best out of all of them (so far) so many people have high hopes.. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens next month!

    1. I wish I got the December bag! >_<
      Let's see what this month has to offer!!