April Glam Bag: Girl's Night Out

This month's Glam Bag wasn't very exciting, but it wasn't terrible either. I admit I will probably find use for all of these products at one point, but I still wish there was more! I would think they would include a really fun eyeshadow shade to go with the brush or a really fun nail polish color to go with the GNO theme. Nothing about this really screams, "GNO." I have yet to be overwhelmed by any of these sample box services. BirchBox proved to be a major FAIL and Glam Bag isn't too far behind. I think I'll give this service just one more chance!

The contents: All-Belle Natural Soft Comfort faux lashes, Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Ransom, My Glam brushes, & DermStore Lip Quench lip treatment  

These look pretty fake in Andrea's Choice and Miss Jessica Harlow's videos featuring these products. 

Small angled brush & all-over eyeshadow brush. 
These are pretty essential brushes, but how many does one really need? I def don't need any more. 

This is the only product I enjoyed this month. Although the texture is super hard (I have to squeeze with two hands to get the product out), it really moisturizes my lips without making them feel tacky. There's a slight shimmer, but nothing too obvious or glossy. My nose tells me it smells like grapefruit and papaya. I've been using it all week as a substitute for my other chapstick, and it's been doing a good job. Haven't noticed it drying out my lips over time or anything.

What'd you guys think of this month's bag? Do you recommend any other monthly services? 

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