Robin Egg Blue

Ever since I saw this new display of cute colors from Wet n Wild, I've been meaning to pick up "I Need A Refresh-Mint." My "For Audrey" by China Glaze has been drying out and I thought this might be a good replacement. Don't you love colors like this? It reminds me of the color, Robin Egg Blue, by Crayola. I still remember when the color made it's "debut" in one of my new crayon boxes!!! :) 

If you see on the top of each bottle, theres a sticker that displays their new "ManiCurve Pro Brush." It's a wide paddle brush with curved edges, similar to Rimmel polishes. 

Unfortunately, my brush was not cut in a curve, but with extremely jagged edges that made it difficult to paint by my cuticles. The formula was super streaky in one coat, too. 

After 2.5 coats, I got a creamy application of the polish. I really hate the brush, but the staying power is pretty good. I've been wearing it for the past 6 days with barely any chipping. 

I also picked up OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go ($8). I have some pretty nasty cuticles and thought this might do me some good. All it took was the red "Allure Winner" sticker  to convince me!

Fits in the palm of my hand. 

Gently squeeze the tube and some gel will come out. It's kind of like those click glosses or concealers. It says its cuticle oil, but it feels like oily gel. It blends in really nicely and doesn't leave a greasy residue. It surprisingly has a really nice scent, too! Reminds me of apples and pears.  

^Nasty cuticles. 

^Nasty cuticles + Avoplex gel 

Ta-da!!! (excuse the nasty polish job) 

Overall, the polish is decent for the price, but the brush really sucks. I do recommend Avoplex if you come across it!

I didn't realize it matches my phone case! I must really like this color! :) 

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