Where you think you're going, baby?

I remember gushing like a little girl over this little teeny-bopper home-made music video when it showed up on my YouTube feed a few months ago. It was the weekend right after Valentine's and I kept trying to get my boyfriend to sit still to watch this with me! Really romantic and age-appropriate of me!! But who cares, Justin and Selena almost kiss! hahaha It's so cheesy, but you can't help but remember the old high school days recording for school projects! I swear if I was getting married right now, I'd force everyone in the bridal and grooms party to recreate this video for the reception! lol

Then I remember secretly watching the real music video by Carly Rae Jepsen, feeling really embarrassed for myself because I was HOOKED to the song. And funnily enough, she even sang the "Star Spangled Banner" at a Dodger game I went to... and I was probably the only person above 13-years-old in the stadium who recognized her...
But now I have nothing to be ashamed of because her song is everyone's guilty pleasure, even Jimmy Kimmel and the Roots! 

One hit wonder of the year!

What are your guilty pleasures lately? 


  1. im listening to this on Spotify at work now! HAHA

    "hey i just met you... and this is crazy, but here's my number... call me maybe~"

    1. can't be productive when its stuck in my head!

  2. I LOVE THE JIMMY KIMMEL/THE ROOTS VERSION! i was squealing like a little school girl last night watching it alone in my room... haha