LATE Glam Bag Post

So I don't know how this happened, but I completely forgot to post pictures from MyGlam Bag back in March! It's really late, but in case anyone is interested in signing up for MyGlam... I cancelled my subscription this month... well, because you'll see.

Murad Eye Lift Perfector 
Pur-lisse SPF 20 Pur-Protect Essential Daily Moisturizer 
Keracolor Natural Color Enhancing Leave-In Treatment
MyGlam Crease Brush
Murad Absoute Bronzing Boost
Dermstore $25 Coupon

This bag was just... no. I didn't sign up for this subscription to get tiny mediocre samples that I could easily get in any beauty supply store. I didn't sign up to get coupons to be counted as one of the samples. And I absolutely did not sign up to get brushes made by MyGlam! I understand they just launched and it would be really useful for people new to makeup, but I'm just really tired of the brushes and wimpy samples. I want quality deluxe samples, not products made from MyGlam. Anyways, it's been a few months since I've had this bag and I can honestly say I've only used the Murad Bronzing Boost. (Well, obviously since all the other samples are one time use.) Waste of $10 for sure. 

MyGlam Crease Brush

L to R: My Glam Crease, MAC 224, Sigma E40
MyGlam is actually the fluffiest, almost double the size of MAC. The Sigma brush on the right looks the narrowest when clean, but it fluffs up quite a bit when used. From largest to smallest would be MG, Sigma, then MAC. 

Murad Bronzing Booster. I prefer using this with my Sigma F84 when using a matte foundation to give some subtle depth and glow to my skin. 


May Glam Bag: Love is in the Air.
The bag itself is my favorite so far. It's fun, colorful, and has been in my purse for the past month. However the contents inside the bag... not so much.

Miss Beauty Nail Bling - When would I EVER wear this? 
Philosphy Love Sweet Love Spray Fragrance
Studio Gear Complete Color Lipstick in Warm Embrace
MyGlam Concealer Brush & Defining Eyeliner Brush

L to R: Defining Eyeliner Brush, Concealer Brush
I really don't need another one of these brushes in my collection. The eyeliner brush is too thick to be considered a "defining" eyeliner brush, so I've been using it as a spot concealer brush. I already have a favorite concealer brush so I've been using this for my YSL Glossy Stain to keep my fingers clean. 


No thanks... 

I really don't have much more to say about MyGlam. I feel pretty confident that I will not be looking back after canceling my subscription.
Goodbye MyGlam... Hello....... GlossyBox?? What subscriptions have you guys been enjoying? 


  1. i'm considering glossybox... but after the crap that has been in the birchboxes and myglams, i'm not sure anymore :/

    1. the US glossybox have some great brand partnerships at the moment haha. (hint hint from a glossybox insider :P)