Oh my gosh! I can't believe how long it's been since the last time I blogged. Things got so crazy wrapping up spring semester. Thankfully, my summer school schedule isn't as jam packed and I hope to get a lot of things done! I will definitely be better about blogging this summer. :)

So first things first, I've been so obsessed with the movie Chocolat this week! I had to watch it for an essay, and I absolutely fell in love with the storyline and its quirky characters. I couldn't enjoy it thoroughly because I had to keep pausing the movie to take notes, so I ended up watching it again a few days later! And to be honest, I wouldn't mind watching it again any time soon. hahaha I have a problem... But who can blame me? Johnny Depp is in it! And looking mighty fine, too! *drool. Have you guys seen this film? What did you think of it?


After finishing the movie, my cousin and I ended up spending our afternoon YouTubing old interviews of Johnny Depp... JD on life, past loves, his work... we clicked on everything and everything. :P Ugh... to be Winona Ryder (Wino Forever), Kate Moss (90s power couple), or Vanessa Paradis (baby mama)! A girl can dream, right? :P 

(I always think of you, Julie!)

This will probably be my most "fan girl' post, but I won't apologize because I know everyone is drooling at this point. And freakishly enough, my cousin pointed out it's his birthday today. hahahah!!! So happy birthday, Johnny Depp! Thank you for being such beautiful eye candy. Let's hope your children never look like this: 


  1. mmm you can't deny the beauty that is johnny depp. even tho he's all dirty/grungy. btw- have u seen your boy mraz lately? he looks like he's going for the JD grunge look, though it's not quite working for him O_o

    1. JD so hot........... JM... not so hot...